The Advantages Of Different Types Of ONLINE HOMESCHOOL

By | May 9, 2019

Online homeschools can be broadly divided into two categories: Private and Public. Parents and students must know about these two common types before they think of taking a plunge into the virtual world of education!

Features of Private Online Schools

  • These online classes are not free
  • The enrollment is usually done through the application process; thus, it can be selective
  • These online classes are open for enrollment at any time of year
  • These online classes are accredited by private bodies; however, there are non-accredited ones as well
  • These can offer faith-based or religious-based classes
  • Non-accredited ones must have teachers who are not certified
  • These usually have a lower teacher-to-student ratio
  • These, usually, enroll students nationally or internationally

Features of Public Online Schools

  • These online classes are free of charge since these schools get public district funding per student enrolled
  • Usually, the enrollment is open; however, the enrollment is restricted to set date ranges
  • These usually involve enrolling students only in one state
  • These classes are generally accredited by states or governmental bodies
  • These classes offer secular or non-religious instruction
  • These classes need state teacher certification
  • These classes have state names in the school name
  • These classes have a higher teacher-to-student ratio

In order to make a good decision regarding the choice of an online homeschool. Make sure to talk to the Admissions Counselor of the online homeschool. This way you can get a proper insight. Make sure to research well. This will help you make a safe decision

What are the top advantages of taking online private homeschool classes?

A personalized form of learning
Online private homeschools are known to provide a customizable curriculum. This means that parents and students can alter their online curriculum to fit their specific needs and objectives. A personalized form of learning always tends to help a student achieve maximum potential.

Result-centric online curriculum
Most of the private classes are highly success-driven. At the same time, these courses are student-friendly as well since these allow students to follow their own pace.

Follow self-pace
When students are enabled to come up with their personalized learning schedule and follow their own pace, they can reach their full potential.

Wide variety of classes
Most of the online private schools offer a wide range of courses, even exclusive ones. These also includeAP, honors and elective classes. Some schools do offer advanced placement classes and college-preparatory classes.

Great faculty
In most cases, accredited online private homeschools make sure to employ teachers who are highly qualified in their subjective areas. These online teachers are specially trained to guide online students at every step, providing them one-on-one attention. Students can access their teachers during office hours. They can do so via phone or email. Teachers make sure that their students are able to achieve their short-term as well as long-term goals.

Easy-to-fit schedule
It is often said that online homeschools provide solutions for every category of students. This mainly holds true for online private homeschools. It caters to all: special needs’ children, academically bright students, below-average students, disabled kids, students with a prolonged health condition, students prone to frequent relocations, student-athletes, part-time employers, full-time employers, etc.

More focus
Cutting down distractions, online private homeschools can help students to focus more. Since there is no fixed time to log in, students can easily juggle their non-academic activities with their online course. Thus, they can choose a time to study when they can give more focus on their learning.

No geographic limitations
One of the top benefits of an online private homeschool is that it has no geographic limitations. Thus, students living in a desolate area or living under bad weather condition can avail advanced online courses! This is a huge advantage, indeed!

What are the top advantages of taking online public homeschool classes?

Public schools and charter schools are free. These mainly use tax funding to impart quality education to students. Usually, these online homeschools have zero enrollment cost. Thus, the tuition cost is zero. Some of the online homeschools also provide internet service reimbursement.

These online classes are usually accredited by states or governmental bodies. Thus, most of the online homeschools are reliable.

Good faculty
You can expect to be taught by good and sensible teachers since these schools are mostly accredited.

Private Vs Public online homeschooling

On a whole, online private homeschools do have an edge over their public counterparts. This is mainly because of no geographic limitations and flexibility. These are considered to be two major benefits of online asynchronous learning. The main reason why students go for online learning is to enjoy flexibility. This is what the private ones provide! Without a good deal of flexibility, there is not much difference between public online homeschools and traditional homeschools or schools.

If you wish to do self-paced learning, go for a private online homeschool, like the Forest Trail Academy.

Which online school provides a good learning environment?

At the time of making your decision, you must consider your own preferences and needs. In a traditional classroom setting, most of the students get distracted by their classmates. Some traditional school students do face social anxieties, bullying, bad behavior from teachers, peer-pressure, etc. This is not a nurturing learning the environment at all, right?

In order to avail all the benefits of a good online homeschool, go for a reliable private online homeschool. These schools provide it all: freedom, flexibility, and personalization. These are what most of the students desire.

At the time of deciding whether to enroll your student in a private or public online high school, you must weigh the benefits of every option. Once you have done it, you can consider your child’s unique learning patterns and objectives.

The flexibility of your student’s schedule depends mainly on the large part on your student’s grade level.

You must be cautious at the time of picking an online homeschool course. You must look into your own learning needs before making a pick. No matter what, always check the accreditation!