Elements to Appreciate during Rajasthan Tourism

By | April 16, 2019

I was on Rajasthan Tour Packages for around 7 days. It was an experience that I can call full of knowledge and memories. My family will always think me for taking them to Rajasthan. Especially my children were happy at knowing the things practically more. They could imbibe more than they could through books. We had picnics, pictures, local handicrafts, dishes, snacks, etc. Some elements that I appreciate the most are here.


The first is the architecture of India. The early architects had magic in the mentality. Hats off to their knowledge of Vastu blended with logical thinking. The laborers were had a knack for it. They did work so perfectly that we are just amazed at it. It was so complex, minute and fine. The knowledge of the rulers was also appreciable. The guide told us that most of the monuments were made under the supervision of the rulers. They had thoughts, vision and philosophy all at the same time.

Safety Arrangements

The forts and the palaces have been built in the manner that they serve the purpose of safety even till date. The forts which were built then still have the source of water for survival. It is a superb thing. I wonder from where they completed their engineering that the science of today even doesn’t have the power to create such strong buildings without chemicals. The Rajasthan Trip for 4 Days can leave you thinking a lot about the talent the Indians had. They were strong physically, what they created is the strongest without technology. It is simply worth appreciating.


The combination of beauty cum complexity is not seen commonly. But here it is. The works of art on the walls, floors and even the ceilings have mesmerizing impact on my mind. I am not able to forget the sights of temples and forts. The usage of different types of material and their finery without any error in such minute details of design is a work of spell.


The buildings, palaces and forts that have been created are still there. Some of them are in their ruins but many of them are not. People go and visit it and enjoy there. The quality of the raw material was the purest and the strongest and the intention of the people too.

Preserving the Heritage

It is really nice for a government that they are preserving the heritage of the country. The Indians are equally giving contribution in doing so and they have superb inclination towards the same philosophy. They love their culture and are willing to preserve their heritage as long as they can.


All the buildings, forts and palaces have a rationale. From the holistic point of view, it is understood that forts are used while fighting battles and struggles. But every window, the size and the height of every small and big thing has some logic behind it and this was how it was worth building it.

Rajasthan Tour Packages 7 Days has influenced me for the rest of my life and I am extremely excited to know more and travel more. Are you too?