Tips to Save Money while you Select Movers in Florida

By | May 13, 2019

Moving can be expensive. The costs can rise if you do not make any prior plans. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to cut certain costs.

Here are the top ways to save money while selecting movers in Florida:

Do not move useless items

Keep in mind that the more items you move, the more you will end up paying. In most cases, long-distance movers charge based on both pounds and distance. In case you are going for a DIY move, fewer items mean less packing. It also implies less tracking, less effort, a smaller truck, better mileage, and a lot less stress! So, you can consider unloading your items from your house long before you have to start loading it into the moving van.

Try to dispose of useless things. You must evaluate everything you have. Take only those with you that you genuinely need in some manner. You can donate some. You can even arrange for a yard sale in your backyard to sell off items that you no longer need. If you have a huge pile of clothes that you do not really wear, you can donate those to a thrift store or sell those at a consignment shop. Above all, try to detach your emotions.

Do research

When you plan to hire a moving company, do some research. Research is vital for saving money and avoiding rip-offs, at a later stage. Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s offers, in order to be on the safer side.

There is a good number of rogue movers in the market. They usually do not ever visit your home. They give a low estimate over the telephone or Internet. When your items are on their truck, they demand more money before they will deliver or unload them. They hold your goods hostage in usual. They also force you to pay more when you want your possessions back.

You can go to the FMCSA website and check out their “Protect Your Move” section for checklist help. Go to “Spot the Red Flags” for moving fraud tip-offs. You can even check out tips from the Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Reports.

Shortlist three estimates at least

Try to gather quotes from at least three reputable movers. Then, evaluate their bids in detail. You must check the BBB website. Also, check online complaint sites. Do not only consider the price. Try to focus on the quality of service more.

A genuine moving company will send a staffer to your home. He/she will give you a free estimate of what your move will cost. It is important for them to see every room and storage area. This way their estimates can be genuine and near-to-perfect.

Usually, the actual price you pay is based on the difference in the weight of the moving van before and after your belongings were loaded.

Choose the moving day wisely

You must try moving midweek or midmonth. Go for a time when there’s less demand. Try to avoid holidays and summer as well. Keep in mind more demand means higher prices. In case you must move during the peak summer season, start planning beforehand. Do so before movers are fully booked. Remember that moving companies also appreciate if you allow flexibility in the pickup and delivery dates. This way they can get a moving van with available space to your location.

Keep in mind that moving during peak cold or hot season can cause damage to your items. So, pick a day that is moderate!

Do not buy every moving supply

You must consider the cost of moving supplies. The common ones include boxes, tape and Bubble Wrap. These can add up quickly if you buy them from a Florida moving company. So, go for free moving supplies.

You can check your local grocery store, bookstore or liquor store to get free supplies. You must avoid giant boxes. This is because giant boxes are harder to move around. Go for boxes that are really sturdy. Start collecting supplies as soon as possible.

Pack on your own

When you pack your items yourself, you end up saving a good deal of money. In order to properly pack specialty or fragile items, try to follow certain smart tips. You can get these tips from your mover itself.

Try to cushion well with crushed paper. Towels and lightweight blankets can also come into play. These may be used for padding and cushioning. If the item is really fragile, you need to produce a more cushioning effect. Keep in mind that no sharp points, edges or rims are left uncovered.

Go for insurance

At the time of insuring your stuff, you must start with your existing homeowners or renters policy. Most of the policies cover damage at the time of a move. The obvious reasons include fire and theft etc.

During a move, you are most concerned about breakage. So, get insured, at any cost! Most of the long-distance movers offer two types of such coverage, namely, released value and full value.

You are supposed to get released value at no additional cost. It reimburses you at a rate of up to 60 cents per pound for damaged or lost items.

Full-value protection will cost extra. However, it will replace or repair lost or damaged items.

When it comes to insurance, go for a high deductible in order to reduce the expenses. At the time of purchasing this type of coverage from the moving company, you can also find it elsewhere. You can consider an existing insurance company.

The FMCSA states that do not sign a delivery receipt for your household goods. Usually, you have nine months to file a written claim. You must mark this type of language or refuse delivery until a proper receipt is offered.

Check the reputation

It is important to check the records in case you need to file a claim against the movers. You can take pictures or video of your belongings before they go into boxes.